High Speed Internet Help!?


K, answer these 2 questions for me:
How much in general does High Speed Internet cost a month?
How long does it take to activate after you sign up for it?


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the price depends on the speed and whether you use cable or dsl. price is usually anywhere from $ 14.99 for the lowest dsl to about $ 40.00 for cable. it usually takes about 10 to 14 days to get connected.


‘High Speed Internet’ is not one single service. It depends on what you consider ‘high speed internet.’ DSL is usually considered the lowest end of high speed internet, seeing as it is the slowest, which typically costs around 20-30 dollars a month with a connection speed of 768 Kbps. Cable high speed internet, which is more common, usually costs about 40 dollars a month and can reach speeds of about 6000 Kbps, though you will never actually be able to surf this fast because it is a shared connection, and the servers you are downloading from will not be able to handle that kind of speed. It is usually effective as soon as you get a line though to your house and the modem set up. Most service providers can get you set up for internet in one day.

These choices would be for residential use only.

For commercial use, you would want T1, T3, or fiber optics, which goes from about $ 300-1000 per month, and can reach speeds of up to 50000 Kbps. You would only want this if you were a corporation or wanted to set up servers.

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