Is “High speed” internet really that must faster than standard dialup?


I want my mom to switch to Roadrunner, and she called our phone company and was given a quote that can get a better offer on phone and long distance, as well as get Earthlink “High speed Internet.”
I was just wondering if it was that much faster????
What I want to know is, why do they advertise it as quote “high speed,” end quote, when it really that much better?
What makes it better than dialup?
Yes, both my computer have a modem. There is a couple different ones in my area. I wouldn’t be gettingit, my mom and dad would. I would never ever get SBC, because they suck just like AOL does


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It is actually. Roadrunner is the best. It’s wireless internet that can suck sometimes. It disconnects repeatedly.


if you can get dsl or something that’d be the ideal thing. Is it available in your area? also, I’ve had amazing luck with sbc if its available.


Get yahoo SBC DSL, it’s the best price and it’s very fast. I have it, and most sites can’t upload as fast as I can download. You only need about 500 KBPS, because that’s about how much most sites can upload.

el perro loco

if you have a modem,yes


I have no experience with roadrunner. Yes, High speed is lot better than Dial up.


Yes. High speed Internet otherwise known as Broadband Internet can reach up to 700kbps depending on which company you’re subscribing. Dial-up is only 56kbps. So it means that High-speed Internet can be 12 times faster than dial-up.

You can use wireless or a cable for you High-speed Internet. Right now I am using Verizon Wireless High Speed Internet. Its a little bit expensive but you will be on the go anywhere for as long as there is a network coverage with all the broadband speed.


Yeah it’s so much faster than Dial up.

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