The Inspiration Of Minimalist House Colors

Color is the main key to a minimalist home. White is not the only choice. Even if you have to choose white, there are various types of white that can be selected and adjusted to the color of your home as a whole. For that, look at a collection of neutral colors to overcome your confusion. Meanwhile, if you need experts to paint your house for you, then you may call the best house painting singapore home painting services.

Minimalist Home Paint Color Inspiration

To help you further, there are several material combinations and color palettes. In each color palette, you will find two materials: one is a choice of wood material and the accent is in the form of concrete or marble. Why should you use a combination of two materials? Because that way, the design of the house will look balanced.

Showing a cool impression

The first is a combination of light wood and white, light gray and dark blue concrete. This combination you can use if you want a minimalist house paint color that seems cool. Maybe this is not suitable for those of you who want a brighter and cheerful color.

Natural impression

The second is a combination of dark wood and marble with a rather yellowish-white paint and 2 kinds of greenish gray, which is lighter and darker. This combination will give you a minimalist home that looks more natural.

Bright impression

Third, there is a combination of medium brown wood, light gray marble, with white, navy blue and dark gray paint. This combination of material and color will give the house a brighter impression.

The key to getting a balance between “warm” and “cold” material is to choose the right paint color.

Also, never be afraid to experiment with various colors. There are many minimalist home paint color combinations that you can try to beautify your minimalist home. The key is to choose colors and materials that match your taste and personality so that the house will look attractive at any time.

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