Do You Want To Know About The Most Expensive Yacht?

There are many reasons why the History Supreme Yachts are called the most expensive. One of them is because some parts of the ship are gold plated. Yes, the best quality of pure gold is not imitation or even gilding. Not only that but on many sides, it is also coated with platinum metal which is no less expensive than gold. So, when we enter into it, the scintillation will immediately welcome. It really looks very glamorous and luxurious. Even for most rich people who love Power Boating, they may still find it hard to coat their yachts in gold.

There is a Real T-Rex Bone Statue

Every yacht always has special ornaments in it. Usually, decorative objects are not cheap and exclusive. History of the Supreme Yacht too, we will find many unique ornaments in it. But, as the most expensive ship, of course, Supreme is different from the others. Yes, when we enter it, we will find T-Rex bones. Not artificial or reconditioned but the bones are truly original.

Meteor Stone Transformed Into the Wall of the Ship

Not enough with some gold-plated parts, as well as original T-Rex bones as ornaments, this ship still has one more crazy thing in it. This is none other than fragments of meteor rocks that are on several walls there. This meteor rock is also original and not abysmal. Just looking for a piece of meteorite is almost impossible, and here instead it becomes a vast wall display.

The price of the History Supreme Yacht that made you cry

With all the crazy things he has, of course, the price offered to bring History Supreme Yachts is not cheap. The question is, how high is the price of this ship? According to the data, at least we need around $ 4.5 billion to be able to buy the phenomenal ship.

In addition, because it can present things that are out of the ordinary, of course, this ship is not handled by ordinary people. According to the news, the History Supreme Yacht was handled by Stuart Hughes. If you don’t know yet, this figure is behind many of the world’s most amazing luxury creations. One of his most famous works is the gold-plated iPhone. Being in the right hands, the History Supreme Yacht is undeniable.

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