B1 Test Booking For GESE Grade 5 Requirements

If you want to live in the UK, it may require for English B1 level. This level is for an independent user or for those who necessary fluent in English. You should take www.britishlifeskills.com/b1-english-test/ for the exam. It is for British citizenship (naturalization or settlement), and Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). You can take the exam in several language centers or providers in the UK.

For those who want to take the B1 level of English test, here’s some information about the GESE Grade 5 requirement you need to know.

B1 Test Booking Requirements for GESE Grade 5

1. The Exam

Before you take the B1 test booking, you need to know what kind of exam you will do. The is 10 minutes long for two parts, so each part takes around 5 minutes. There are two parts in this exam includes topic and conversation.

For topic, you will choose a to a topic to prepare of the test in advance for discussion with the examiner. All you need is to complete a Topic Form in advance and don’t forget to bring it with you to the exam. Meanwhile for conversation, in this exam you will have a short conversation with the examiner. The examiner also choose two subject areas based on your Topic Form.

2. Results and Certificates

You will receive an exam report form after the B1 level with your provisional result, whether it is fail or pass. Usually candidates in the UK can expect to their Trinity SELT certificate within 7 days. You should B1 test booking first before taking the exam.

That’s the information about the B1 test booking for GESE Grade 5 requirements. So it is important to keep improving yourself and preparing your English skills for the exam and it will make you pass easily with a good grade.

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